Innocent car buyer being framed, HKMI availed to reach justice

HKMI has worked along pursuing customers’ rights. HKMI has always reminded car buyers not to pay deposit or sign contract before car inspection. 
Our victim, Mr. Chu was very fond of a car over internet last year. The appealing car and his enthusiasm urged him to pay deposit in no time. However, the car was later found to be in serious condition during car inspection. The seller refused to pay Mr.Chu his deposit back and even framed him for repairing fee. 
As always, HKMI stands with you and shall not stand by such injustice.
HKMI had given professional consultation and testified on court for the past year. Mr. Chu at last won the court case and justice was prevailed. 
It is paramount to understand the importance of car inspection before paying or signing contract. There is a possibility not only for being defrauded but have to spend huge amount of effort and time to struggle over court to claim the money back. 

HKMI is an independent car inspection company without operating capital. Driven and euthanised HKMI preserve our sincere spirit to provide our customers exceptional services. 

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