Terms of Use

HKMI inspector will travel to the used car dealers or private seller's home to examine the motor vehicle. The quality and thoroughness of our inspection service are never compromised by the nature of the mobile service; all of the HKMI inspection vans have been completely equipped with all necessary inspection tools such as hydraulic lifts, computerized testing and diagnostic equipment.

Our experienced professional inspectors will carry out a comprehensive "250+ point check" mechanical, structural, electrical and body panel assessment on the vehicle. Upon the completion of the 250+ point motor inspection, all of the results will be detailed into a written report that is layout into 6 major partitions such that it will be easy for customers to follow.

Our 250+ point motor inspection consists of the complete driveline, which covers all components that connect the transmission, the engine, the driving axles, joint and drive shaft. Other areas that will be inspected includes the breaks, steering, cooling system, the batter, electrical system, A/C system, as well as other electrical accessories such as central locking and power windows. Our inspectors also check underneath the car on the exhaust system, wheel bearings, suspension, as well as looking at the frame structure for any signs of previous damages caused by rust, flood or any car accident. If previous damages have been noted, we will provide an estimate on the extent of the previous damage along with an evaluation on the quality of the repairs.

The HKMI motor inspection will then be completed at the end with an on-road test drive of the vehicle. This will be conducted to test for any existing or potential problems with the transmission shift or clutch operation, engine performance, wheel alignment, steering and breaking system that may become more observable while the car is being driven for a short period of time.

Upon completion, the HKMI inspector will provide you with a verbal explanation on this report and outline all the good and undesirable aspects of the vehicle. He will also notify you of any mechanical and electrical problems, odometer inconsistencies, structural damages, and he will let you know of any needed repairs or maintenance items.

Buyers can make use of this information to bargain on the selling price or have the seller repair the faults prior to making the purchase. With an inspection report from HKMI, you will get to know the real condition of the vehicle before you buy. Only until then will you be fully equipped with information about the car in order for you to make wise decisions on whether or not the used-car is in fact really your dream car or is it just a dud.

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