Claimed recent check done? You DOUBLE check son!

Hong Kong Motor Inspection [HKMI] has wholeheartedly served car owners for over a decade. Many new buyers used to ask, ‘The seller claimed to have checked the car at HKMI before they purchased it, and nothing happened since then, shall I send the car in for inspection again?’

The answer to this question is a big fat YES! It is not for bringing in new customers nor to get more sales. But because of the reason that no matter it is a year, a month or just a week after the inspection, it still definitely worth a check as only the owner would know what has happened after it.

So, to play safe, having a proper inspection pre-purchase is essential.

The car that Mr. Choi sent in today, was one that was inspected by us 18 months ago. Mr. Choi acknowledged us during the check-up booking.

Although the previous check was done by us, we still recommended Mr. Choi to go through a complete inspection because no one knows if there is any accident, incident or wear off within these 18 months.

Mr. Choi was totally aware of the situation and revealed that he heard about HKMI from his colleague who had used our service. His colleague highly recommended us due to the fact that HKMI is an independent mobile motor inspection company which has not received any capital investment from any sort of dealers and thus not under any possible sort of control or bias.

Our skilled specialists have inspected the car meticulously and thoroughly even thou we know it had been checked just 18 months ago. The spot that was found repainted was the exact location mentioned in the last report. Only the underbody was found wearing off, while the engine and gearbox were both functioning well despite minimal oil leak. The car was surprisingly well maintained.

Mr. Choi was very pleased with our service. We were not only punctual, but were as well diligent and paid attention to details. He appreciated that we were not slightly affected by the previous inspection report, and did a very professional and thorough check-up.

We hereby remind every buyer that, even if the seller claims to have a recent inspection report, you are highly recommended to double check the car again before purchasing to avoid missing out on any incidents that has happened after the previous inspection.