Boundless service guarantee Consumer rights

I found Tim to be extremely thorough and professional, in what he did today, he check everything from the thickness of the paint, the cooling system, to whether or not the engine had been overheated at the prior time, so it really added me a peace of mind that I am actually buying a car at really good condition

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Boundless service guarantee Consumer rights!

As a devoted member of a metropolitan, Hong Kong Motor Inspection (HKMI) strives to provide quality motor inspection for buyers, regardless of languages or nationalities, immigrants and expats are very welcomed.

We understand that language barrier can be a big put off when you are choosing your service provider. That is why our team has a branch of inspectors that can suit the needs of buyers whose first language is not Cantonese.

For the sake of safety of all road users, please make sure that you arrange motor inspection with us before purchasing your vehicle!